Summer Wardrobe Done

So with the lingerie and swimwear done I just had to finish off with some summer top makes. Busy with work, time was running out, so I settled with using up the linen from the Lander Shorts and making some True Bias Ogden Camis.  I bought both patterns together after following Lauren Guthrie's Summer Wardrobe blogs.  

IMG_1110 (002).jpg

I had to find a pattern that required under a metre of this beautiful Sorona linen.  I mostly buy PDF patterns but I subscribe to Sew magazine and you get one or two patterns free each month.  So I found this great little New Look K6459 pattern which for me is cropped and is cut in at the armhole.  I thought it was going to be a little plain so I was looking for a design to fit into the corner.  Then this pretty dandelion breeze design from Urban Threads popped up on Instagram.  Perfect.

This got me to some designs I had bought earlier in the year to put on t-shirts.  It is really hard to find reasonably priced good quality t-shirts but then I had some vouchers from Marks and Spencer to use.


The cute dogs are my favourite.  A design called Waggin Good Time.  The kitten design is from a pack called Punimals.  Both from Urban Threads.  I also have a Christmas edition I have used for Christmas cards.  I also wanted to get a bit of practice in with iron vinyl using my cricut maker and easy press.  No time to buy any more colours I had to go with the few colours I had.  Scouring the internet I came across for the two free designs.

I just love the fun embroidery designs.  You have to be careful not to use too heavy a design on jersey but this worked like a dream.  I use a sticky stabilizer as I find this is the only way to stop the jersey moving whilst sewing.  Then I always back with Dream Weave as this is supersoft against the skin.  I also have a cat version with sunglasses but thought may be a bit heavy.  

The iron on vinyl is still very new to me.  I have tried a small number of vinyls but really like the Xpres Ultra Cut which I buy by the metre.  You have to remember to mirror your image!  Glad I bought the weeding tools to pick out all the negative space.  

Then finally I got to make the very popular Ogden Cami.  When I was down in Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts I made a detour to Guthrie and Ghani and picked up some beautifully soft Art Gallery rayon.


I made a muslin first which seemed to fit pretty well.  I checked the fit of the strap although you can adjust right at the end.  Then I made the cotton lawn version.  Very pretty.  Then for the silky soft Art Gallery fabric.  A bit slippery and frays quickly but how well does this drape.   The cotton lawn I had overlocked each side of the seams separately but for this I had finished in one for stability.  I also used a rolled hem.  Only ever done one other but because the colour match is good is looks fabulous.  I also just overlocked the hem on the facing so as not to add any bulk.   Not bad for a mornings work.  A very satisfying quick make.


IMG_1201 (1).jpg
IMG_1212 (1).jpg

Then my finishing touch.  The pattern suggested marking the back as pretty similar to the front.  So embroidered my logo on the back facing. 

Sewing Round Up

Been rather busy with actual work so not much on the sewing front.  A colleague had a baby so I got to try out Blank Slate Patterns Snuggle PJs.   A good size range from 3m to 12y.  The organic cotton panda fabric is perfect.  I didn't have to make any binding as I had the black jersey bias the right width and weight of fabric.  The bottoms are quilting cotton I chose as it had just a hint of pink.  


The new baby also meant I got to try out embroidering a plushie.  Not as easy as they make it look.  This is a Mumbles zippy.  There is a zip at the back so although you can take out the body pod there is still a big head to manoeuvre around.  I did try to get hold of an Embroidery Buddy as you can also take out the head pod but can't find anyone in the UK who sells small numbers.  I did have a birth announcement  template to use but just too much to get in so kept it simple.  I added the pink gingham bow for balance.

1517396207530 (002).jpeg



Although a huge stack of planned projects I am always sidetracked.  This time it was the Josie Tunic, a download pattern, in Sew magazine featuring some lovely heavy rose pink and grey Ponte Roma knit from Minerva Crafts.  So I rounded up on the metres as I like to make mini items with leftovers.  It took about 1.8m when the requirements said 1.4!  The next issue was the size to make.  The pattern included 8-20 but no indication anywhere in the magazine or online what that meant or finished sizes.  So I went with the size of pattern I always start with not my RTW.  I made the mistake of thinking it was a quick  make so just go with it.  It was huge.  I shaped the sleeves into the wrist as well as at the waist and took a large amount off the hips.  As the back skirt seam was on a curve for shape it no longer met the front skirt seam.  It also meant the pockets were close to the side seams.  Still it is very comfy and I wore it the very next day.

1517848060900 (002).jpeg


I also had another quick make with Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan. For this one I used fabric sold by the weight fabric from Abakhan.  It feels and smells like wool when wet but you you can never tell what you have bought from the receipt!  I just love this pattern for me being the 5ft 6" most patterns are drafted and with long arms.  Designed with layering in mind, it has minimal excess fabric in the front and a close fit around the neck and shoulders.   I made View A which extends down to the mid-thigh and includes patch pockets at hand level while view B ends at the hips.  Based on my measurements I made a medium and yes it fit how it should.  The sleeves are long but the cuff size means they sit just where they are meant to.  

1517073117094 (002).jpeg



Urban threads had this Kitty Specs design on sale and it was another I just have to make project.  It was meant to be as I decided to clear my desk of all those things that I didn't want to file in case I forgot I had bought them and there were these Lecien Jelly pink handles from Sew Hot.   There was even a pattern with the handles.  No problem finding suitable fabric in the stash.  The premium vinyl is also from Sew Hot.  It iis worth getting the premium vinyl as it is both strong and supple making it so much easier to work with.  Not sure it will ever get used but makes me smile!

Embroidered Sweatshirt

One of the first sites I came across when googling embroidery designs was Urban Threads.  They describe their designs as alternative and offbeat.  Checkout their website for helpful videos and tutorials.  I was drawn to the Wicked Cute design pack.


Whilst waiting for some bra kits to arrive I decided to put my favourite design on the back of an inexpensive sweatshirt.  A trip to Bambers for embroidery thread (and also sequin fabric it seemed  I needed)  I was ready to start.                                                     


It took forever to get the position right in the big hoop.  I eventually got it on the machine and taped the excess fabric down.  The tape didn't stick and I had to sit and keep the fabric away from the needle.  I took a call and came back and thought "hmm, where is that sleeve".  Yes, It was being embroidered!  I did try to unpick but 10,000 stitches were just not coming out.  So I had to cut the sleeve off to get it out of the hoop.

So today I decided to make my own sweatshirt then I wouldn't need to hoop the whole thing.  Just the week before I made the Linden  so I had the patterns pieces ready to go and found some lovely soft fabric from Modystoffen that I picked up at the FOQ.   


So much easier to do it this way.  However, this is the first big design I have done and I was a bit put out when the machine said 91 minutes.    


Pretty impressive - not to everyone's taste but I think it is fabulous.  

Now for the easy bit.

Now for the easy bit.

This fabric had a softer drape than the one I had used for the previous Linden so I decided to shape the sides.  I used a long basting stitch so I could try it on.  With the sweatshirt inside out I marked where I wanted the waist and hips.  Then I used my french curves to redraw the sides.  Once happy with the shape I whizzed down the seams with my overlocker.


The neck, cuffs and hem band  are attached in the round.  To attach evenly you mark the quarter points on the garment and binding and pin in place at these points.  Depending on the gap between the quarters I add more pins as you can see in the neck above.  I then overlock the seam allowance and  finish by coverstitching to anchor the seams.










Looking Good!