Hello, my name is Angela and I am a sewing addict! 

Welcome to my blog Angel Sews. 

I get so carried away and go off at a tangent that I thought it was time to keep a record of projects completed, in progress and on the horizon. 

A blog seemed the ideal way forward as there seems such a buzz in the sewing community and it will be great to be able to share my passion/obsession with others.

It did all start when I was very young.  The middle of three girls, with very practical parents, I was equally at home with a needle as I was with a power tool.  From making dolls clothes to my school uniform (fortunately there are no pictures), to respraying cars and laying drives I tackled anything.

All went quiet when I went to University, then studied to be a Chartered Accountant and had 2 children.  I have always had a sewing machine but only used it occasionally for repairs, costumes, home furnishings etc.

Everything changed when my children went to University and I dabbled with knitting, crocheting and jewellery making.  A friend recommended a fabric shop as I was looking for some Japanese fabric to cover buttons for a costume jewellery project.  I walked into the shop, Patchfinders, and thought I was in heaven.  

That was four years ago and in the following 2 years, having bought a sewing machine geared towards quilting, I made so many quilts and bags that I didn't know what to do with them. Many went to a suitable home, others remain in "stock". 

During a visit to Bambers, to get my sewing machine serviced, I saw an overlocker course run by Lorna Knight of the Lorna Knight Sewing Academy.  I had previously bought an overlocker to make curtains for my son's new flat but never really got to grips with using it. 

Meeting Lorna reignited the spark for dressmaking.  At her sewing studio outside Leek I did courses in jeans making, bra and lingerie and dress fitting.  She recommended Craftsy classes and off I went on another journey into bra making and pattern drafting.

At the same time knit fabrics became more popular and having tried my hand with these I got a coverstich machine to give my clothes a professional finish.  

This year I got the embroidery bug.  So I went off in that direction making embroidered t shirts for all the family, decorating towels (and anything else I could practice on), freestanding lace, designing logos for my creations as well as "in the hoop" projects.  

So, today, I have a room full of fabric, patterns and tools of the trade and not enough time in the day.