Street Style Patterns

Street Style describe themselves as scandinavian inspired sewing patterns for women and is the clothing line of designer Melissa Hendrickson also the owner of Brindille & Twig who create sewing patterns for babies and toddlers with a focus on knit fabrics.  

I had been trying to find good fitting casual patterns from the major pattern houses without much luck so  I thought I would give them a try as I love the shape and fit of the children's patterns.  The first pattern I tried was  008 Lounge Pants.

Pretty good fit

Pretty good fit

They were offering a discount on Black Friday so I picked up another couple of patterns.  With so much going on I have only just got around to making them up.  The fabric is a really soft sweatshirt fabric from Guthrie & Ghani  and the rib is organic cotton from Jelly fabrics.   So here with have SS021 Tack pants ans SS006 Hoodie.

I always prewash knits as they do shrink.  Both patterns went together pretty well.  I was ultra cautious with the hoodie pocket.  I marked out the corners so the shape would be spot on.  The pattern gets you to fold up the bottom pocket edge once turned to right side.  I sewed all around the pocket leaving a small gap at the bottom to turn as I thought this would provide a neater edge.  I steamed the pocket once I had sewn in place and it looked great.

The track pants sit high on my waist but for me that is how I would want them to unlike the lounge pants which sit much lower down.  I have broad shoulders and long arms so I tend to go up a size.  However, I have very slim wrists so for me the cuff didn't sit tightly enough around my wrist.  I would certainly make all three again.  The only issue I have is that I can't find soft flat tubular drawstring in the colours I want.  



Sewing round up

Been busy so not much sewing done but so much planned.  Finally got all my supplies ready to make the Vogue dress pattern.


Then all the plans went through the window when all the Black Friday offers came along.  Helen's closet, Closet Case, Brindille & Twig and Street Style patterns all had offers as well as my favourite organic cotton supplier Jelly Fabrics.  I stocked up on rib fabrics in all my favourite colours.  Then the pile just grew when  I visited Guthrie & Ghani whilst on a trip to Birmingham for the National Model Railway exhibition.  So now I have all this to do and not enough time in the day.

Where to start!  The only way to go was a major tidy up of sewing headquarters and start/finish the projects lying on the floor.  This was reinforced by the fact I was too embarrassed to take a picture of the room for Bpsewember.  I started with the T Shirts for my niece which had been hung on the door since summer.  I moved on to the cushion to be made from the applique ballerina made last year and finished with the advent calendars and Christmas napkins. 

The decision was to make the Kelly Anorak first as I didn't want to leave the waxed cotton folded up in case it marked.